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Asaram great deals on Pandora Charms denies allegations of rape Asaram denies allegations of rape After still left aloof for two days, self styled godman asaram bapu left his kutir on friday and claimed innocence over the allegations of rape levelled against him by a minor girl.During a brief debut at his ashram in motera on friday evening, asaram alleged that some elements lost to malign him. Complaint does not stand a chance as because of cooked up by some elements.They misguided our own sadhaks and lodged a make believe complaint against me.Stated, some people will never succeed, was adament asaram. In the mean time, the chandkheda police have deployed police outside asaram motera ashram to avoid any improper incident in case he is arrested.Other than, a company of nys reserve police(Srp)Also took positions beyond your ashram since thursday morning.Although rumours were Pandora Charms Shop rife about police administrators from jodhpur visiting asaram ashram, the police have denied associated with their visit to ahmedabad and question him. Scrutiny is still on.We have taken the words of 1costume the victim and her father.We have not yet sent any team to ahmedabad to topic asaram, considered that mukta parikh, police inspector of the ladies police station at jodhpur. As well, a few click here to see more info student leaders in the city staged a protest against asaram outside gujarat college on friday morning.They yelled slogans against him and burnt his effigy.

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